My forte and foible

“I told you they’d look!”

“Let them!”

“But… they will… SEE!” it whispers. 

“See what?”

“See us!” it starts to sound like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.


“And then they’ll be cruel and think we’re ridiculous and they’ll hurt us!”

(Yes, definitely Gollum. Where did this come from?) 

“They can’t hurt us, Gollum.” (Let’s call a spade a spade.)

“Buuuhhhuuut they did!” 

He is crying now. I hug his ugly, bony shoulder.

“No dear, it wasn’t them. It was us. We hurt us. We wanted their approval instead of approving us ourselves. We wanted their love instead of loving us ourselves. We gave them the power, the weapon to hurt us, do you see?”

Fear looks at me with teary eyes. 

“It brings out the blue in your eyes,” it says before it disappears. 

“Thank you” I whisper and walk among the crowd of the afternoon rush hour head held high, heart feeling warm. 

A to Z-ers, thank you for waiting out the extra day for the F post. My muse needed this extra day 🙂 

To my clique

With today’s challenge I’m fulfilling the Being Seen objective not in one but two different ways at the same time (talk about over-achieving). I’m not only sharing my deepest thoughts but am also doing so in a (gasp!) video. 

I’ve been dreading photos for a very long time and videos force me to face not just how I look but also how I speak – none of which are my favourite traits. I do like this particular piece I wrote a while ago though so I hope the content will make up for the rest 😉

So without further ado: