His Oak Tree

I wanted to tell you how I feel. Sad is not enough. Loss doesn’t cover this death.

And then I’ve found these lyrics I wrote 2 years ago in the hope of turning them into a song one day. What better way to honour the suicide of a musician? Rest in peace Chester Bennington.

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To my clique

With today’s challenge I’m fulfilling the Being Seen objective not in one but two different ways at the same time (talk about over-achieving). I’m not only sharing my deepest thoughts but am also doing so in a (gasp!) video. 

I’ve been dreading photos for a very long time and videos force me to face not just how I look but also how I speak – none of which are my favourite traits. I do like this particular piece I wrote a while ago though so I hope the content will make up for the rest 😉

So without further ado: