My forte and foible


8 April 2017 by Miss Andi

“I told you they’d look!”

“Let them!”

“But… they will… SEE!” it whispers. 

“See what?”

“See us!” it starts to sound like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.


“And then they’ll be cruel and think we’re ridiculous and they’ll hurt us!”

(Yes, definitely Gollum. Where did this come from?) 

“They can’t hurt us, Gollum.” (Let’s call a spade a spade.)

“Buuuhhhuuut they did!” 

He is crying now. I hug his ugly, bony shoulder.

“No dear, it wasn’t them. It was us. We hurt us. We wanted their approval instead of approving us ourselves. We wanted their love instead of loving us ourselves. We gave them the power, the weapon to hurt us, do you see?”

Fear looks at me with teary eyes. 

“It brings out the blue in your eyes,” it says before it disappears. 

“Thank you” I whisper and walk among the crowd of the afternoon rush hour head held high, heart feeling warm. 

Isn't this facing fears shit fun? 😜 #couragechallenge #beingseen #bluehair

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A to Z-ers, thank you for waiting out the extra day for the F post. My muse needed this extra day 🙂 


22 thoughts on “My forte and foible

  1. Haha! What a great post, Miss Andi. I love the Lord of the Rings so this was just such a fun read. It gives a nice light-hearted perspective on the very real achievement of overcoming your fears. I like the blue too! 🙂


  2. Wilma Payne says:

    Love this! Now I need to go back and see your earlier posts!


  3. usha says:

    That is a funny and a good post. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    — Usha Thru My Lens

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Johanna says:

    “We gave them the power, the weapon to hurt us” this is the key of happiness, this is what we need to understand. Nobody can’t hurt us if we don’t let them… Thank you for remain us this.
    I love the post ans the theme on you blog.


  5. Haha! Enjoyed this conversation!



  6. “We gave them the power, the weapon to hurt us, do you see?” <<< That's the key! I don't remember that quite as often as I should, but I know it to be true. I, for one, really like the new hair color!


  7. shalzmojo says:

    Loved the suspense and drama that you created here! 🙂

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    G is for Grape Stomping in Bangalore #atozchallenge


  8. jrvincente says:

    I love the blue hair! It’s awesome. And you did a nice job leading into it. Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!


  9. Lynda Dietz says:

    Pretty cool little twist! This is my first visit to your blog (found you through A Song A Day’s comment section), so I’ll have to backtrack and see what else you’ve posted for the A to Z, as a start.


  10. Natasha says:

    Blog: natashamusing
    Theme: Travel Epiphanies
    Gobsmacked in Gorgeous Goa


  11. scr4pl80 says:

    Yep, we have to approve of ourselves! Good one.
    G is for Genesis


  12. Excellent. I think it was worth waiting for!!


  13. Marquessa says:

    Love the post but for some reason the 2nd graphic will not show on my cell!😣


  14. Arti Jain says:

    Wow! Love it. “We wanted their approval instead of approving us ourselves.” So wise.


  15. Geraint Isitt says:

    Blue suits you. Go forth young lady and conquer. Baby steps are allowed


  16. Vidya Sury says:

    Big hugs to you Andi! Beautiful post. Choice is a wonderful thing! Thank you for coming by my blog!


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