We Are The World Blogfest featuring A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes

The We Are The World Blogfest gathers the most positive news from all over the world. This month I’ve selected a topic I never thought I’d talk about: fashion.

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N for #Atozchallenge

Journey To Courageous Living

For some, it comes easy to love the nationality they’re born into. For others, it can turn into arrogance. And then there are the likes of me, who don’t feel that nationality can define or limit them.

In fact, for years, I worked on shredding my Hungarian-ness. I tried to hide on my blogs that I’m a non-native speaker, and when living abroad, I never searched the company of my fellow citizens.

I felt more at home in Ireland than in Hungary and I coined the phrase which described it very well: “Hungary gave me birth but Ireland gave me life.” I wanted to be Irish, with the accent, the big circles of friends & family, with their musical talent, with everything.

Visiting Transylvania for NYE, however, showed me a different side to this. Hungarian people living there work towards keeping their nationality. It’s not given to them, it’s not…

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My A to Z needs to slow down

Dear readers,

Sadly I have to say goodbye to the daily challenge. I failed it. I hope you keep going and celebrate in the end, I’ll visit as often as I can.

I still want to share my thoughts with you on the planned topics so I will definitely write them but can’t keep this frequency. Hope you’ll come back though!

Keep blogging and stay awesome!



Morning calm

Reblogging for the #atozchallenge:

Journey To Courageous Living

We’re over Prague now where the morning’s just starting off. If it’s anything like Budapest (why wouldn’t it?), it’s with coffees and rush, yelling at the kids, putting on the make-up, running for the already packed tram lines, it’s screaming with stress.

When my colleagues ask me how I am not stressful when our job is full of deadlines, obstacles and frustrations, my answer is that in big part it’s because I don’t take part in the morning locomotive.

My wake-up regime is gentler. It’s a slow start, giving my head space to recover from the dreams, to prepare for the day from the depth of my soul.

It’s not as much a routine but rocking gently with the wake-up flow, following whatever feels right at the moment. Some mornings it’s a full breakfast, other times it’s water. Sometimes it includes writing, sometimes I’m just staring into nothingness. There are…

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Peace with your kilos #atozchallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

Travelling overweight is not impossible. No matter your weight, shape, age, travelling is a lot of fun, the best gift you can give to yourself. Don’t let your fears stop you.

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