1. A short skirt…


    20 June 2017 by Miss Andi

    There are many reasons for people to have fat. Only a few has anything to do with laziness and willpower. …
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  2. I’m a writer (Coursera assignment)


    20 June 2017 by Miss Andi

    When do you think one has the right to say “I’m a writer”? Once they are published? Once they get paid …
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  3. Favourites of this week’s photo challenge, Focus

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    19 June 2017 by Miss Andi

    The weekly photo challenge from WordPress this week was to show in-focus and out-of-focus moments. I love browsing through the responses …
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  4. Focus, multitasking and details


    18 June 2017 by Miss Andi

    When did we start to value multitasking so much over concentration? I’m not a recruiter but as I browse LinkedIn …
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  5. Mystery Blogger Award


    9 June 2017 by Miss Andi

    As I was sitting here debating whether it’s time to blog again, I got a notification from the lovely J …
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  6. Celebration of forgiveness


    21 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    It’s not vis major, it’s just life. It appears there is only so much I can cram into a day …
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  7. Ideal is I to L


    14 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    Hello my long-not-seen friends! “Wassup wassup” as my coach would say. “What’s the craic?” would be the phrase if we …
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  8. Hurt by laughter


    10 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    I don’t remember many things from when I was little but one of them sticks out: one evening, I must’ve …
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  9. Your gumption and generosity


    9 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    Today is not about Being Seen. It’s about Giving Back. I have been resisting this idea for 2 days – …
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  10. My forte and foible


    8 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    “I told you they’d look!” “Let them!” “But… they will… SEE!” it whispers.  “See what?” “See us!” it starts to …
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Good morning! Another #boat photo from #croatia but this one is special. It's not the best because I actually had my long lense on to photograph the opposite island when we turned the corner and found this boat... wait for it... on a roof! Very creative storage in a town where there isn't a lot of space ☺ #cityview #cityphotography #strangerthings The sea is always near in #croatia 😉 #cityphotography #cityview #buildings #architecture What an interesting corner in #Senj! I loved this old table and the colourful flower arrangement, really pleasing on the eye #travelblogger #travelbeauty #croatia #travelphotography #cityphotography #summer #vacation If it's #croatia, it's #boats of course. Everywhere you turn there's a port and it leaves no doubts that these boats are regularly used. #photography #ocean #sea #port #travelbeauty #travelblogger #travel #boats