Books of the month – autumn is for reading

With additional trips to the uni, my commute hours increased in September – which means my reading hours did, too. This month’s total was 7.5. which is outstanding in my world. 8/10: Updated with book summaries. In my excitement of sharing these books I left out an important detail: what are they about? The one-sentence…

Blog Times by JCL brings the #WATWB cohost selection

It’s getting darker in the Northern hemisphere but there is a lot of light in people if you look around. This week’s blog selection is looking back at September’s “We are the world” blogfest to make you warm with these stories.

Love yourself – do you?

“Worry about loving yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.” (Unknown)

Does my university respect me?

What was your school life like? Did it make you enthusiastic about (at least some of) the subjects, did it make you thirsty for knowledge, did you feel valued, respected as a student?

Enough – “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”

Enough of my sadness, my doubts, the fears holding me back, the doubts paralysing me, the whispers comparing me to others. Enough of being frozen, immobile, passive. “I might only have one match, But I can make an explosion”. I am back. 

Book of August

Well, I have disappeared for a while, entangled in the darkness of my own head, which still happens time to time. I know I’m at a place now where I need the company of others to be able to leave the darkness behind but I’m not ready to do it. It scares the shit out…

Sports, parents and love #WATWB

For this month’s “We Are The World Blogfest” I’d like to share 3 stories that are connected through the unconditional love of parents and sports.