My A to Z needs to slow down

Dear readers,

Sadly I have to say goodbye to the daily challenge. I failed it. I hope you keep going and celebrate in the end, I’ll visit as often as I can.

I still want to share my thoughts with you on the planned topics so I will definitely write them but can’t keep this frequency. Hope you’ll come back though!

Keep blogging and stay awesome!



Author: Miss Andi

My soul breathes music and exhales words.

8 thoughts on “My A to Z needs to slow down”

  1. Andi, I’ve enjoyed all your posts so far. You have a calm and measured writing style that I admire. I’ll be back to read your posts when ever you put them up and once you have completed the planned posts, we’ll celebrate ☺️

    April is but a timeframe we have made up … All the best.

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  2. This only worked for me because I was able to write so many posts ahead of time. I’m still going to struggle to get the last few posts completed this week!

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