The joys of journaling #atozchallenge #blogchattera2z

You have the answers within. The deep core of who you are has infinite wisdom – journalling can help tap into it.

We always tell ourselves, if only I had more money! If only I lived some place else! If only I was successful, more beautiful, more whatever, I’d be happy with myself.

Two years ago I lived in one of the most beautiful places of the world, the Canary Islands – and still I wasn’t happy. It was the most disheartening experience. There I was, living by the ocean what I always wanted, having the constant spring, the kind people, the beautiful language and I was deeply retrieved to myself, to my thoughts, going around in a vicious cycle. It still feels like a wasted opportunity.

However this period showed me what I so often heard but never really understood: change has to happen inside. It doesn’t really matter what happens around us: our happiness is not the result of our circumstances – but our internal state.

So upon arriving back home, I started the work. Using internet search, books and articles, the examples of others, I created a list of questions for my journal to guide me to self-discovery. I wanted to get to know and get to love who I was. I asked questions and reviewed on a daily/weekly/moonphase level, using nature as my guiding force.

I want to say it was hard work but it wasn’t. It was so much fun! Writing and journalling comes to me easily and using it pro-actively had a huge positive effect on my mindset.

My friends noticed. My family noticed. The universe noticed.

“You are so positive these days!”

“You look so happy!”

“Here’s a great job for you!”

For 3 months, I followed my journal plan religiously. When I started to feel better, I started to journal less frequently, and now I’m mostly using the magic of the new and full moon.

I encourage everyone since to do the same. If you feel stuck, unhappy, lost, trust me, the answers are within. With some effort, time and patience, anyone can discover them. If I could do it, so can you.

Note: the next new moon is on the 16th of April where I live. Coincidently, it’s also the day for letter N in the A to Z challenge for I will talk about my New Moon Rituals more on Monday. Sign up to the email notifications if you’re interested.

Thank you for stopping by. This post is part of the A to Z challenge of 2018 (albeit a little late). Check out the wonderful posters of the A to Z challenge and Blogchatter A2Z.

I’m also on a writing adventure on my other blog, Pieces of Soul. Come by to be part of my interactive story!

Author: Miss Andi

My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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