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Journey To Courageous Living

For some, it comes easy to love the nationality they’re born into. For others, it can turn into arrogance. And then there are the likes of me, who don’t feel that nationality can define or limit them.

In fact, for years, I worked on shredding my Hungarian-ness. I tried to hide on my blogs that I’m a non-native speaker, and when living abroad, I never searched the company of my fellow citizens.

I felt more at home in Ireland than in Hungary and I coined the phrase which described it very well: “Hungary gave me birth but Ireland gave me life.” I wanted to be Irish, with the accent, the big circles of friends & family, with their musical talent, with everything.

Visiting Transylvania for NYE, however, showed me a different side to this. Hungarian people living there work towards keeping their nationality. It’s not given to them, it’s not…

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Author: Miss Andi

My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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