Lesssons from my inner obstacles

The scariest and at the same time the most inspiring discovery I had in my journey of self-improvement was that I am my own limitations. The biggest roadblocks don’t come from others, society or the universe but myself. I put them in my own way. 

The first

It’s the first day of the month, and more than that, it’s the first day of the second half of the year. Time to stop and ponder, where are we and where do we want to be?

The creative doubt

Artists are famous for their self-doubts (some more public, some less so) but it’s not an artist’s privilege – we all question whether we are good enough.

Celebration of forgiveness

It’s not vis major, it’s just life. It appears there is only so much I can cram into a day and as it turns out, blogging is not actually the highest on my priority list at the moment. Just like my “facing fears” initiative isn’t either. And I let it go. There’s not gonna be beating…

Dare to be gentle

Last night I didn’t know what to tell you in this post. I didn’t do any of the major things I had planned against the fear of “Being Seen”. Then I was chatting to a friend about how she struggles with wanting to be perfect and I told her how she should lovingly embrace that…

Challenge of the week: B for Being seen 

It is often I wish I were invisible. Not for the superhero or curiosity reason – simply because it would be the ultimate hiding. It’s hard for me when people see me – I always think they judge me, and I always concur that it’s with good reason. (Nobody is as hard on me as…

Video in public

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I set out to do gentle progress towards courageous living. You won’t see me dancing in a public square (or at the airport like this uninhibited girl) any time soon, I am not pushing myself that hard. But from now and then I do take…

Gratitude is created, not given

I believed it for a very long time that positivity and optimism are character traits: you’re either born with them or you don’t have them. But then I met someone.