“It’s dance or die” – the dancer, the journalist and the director #WATWB

“My art is to help those people who are trying to be something in life. We all have something to tell, to be whatever, you just need to find yourself and go for it.”

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Invitation to spread positivity #WATWB

Why does our media focus on news that bring us down or in the worst case, news that anger us? Do we need to see others suffering for us to appreciate what we have?

I don’t think so. In fact, I think a lot of us avoid news exactly because it shows us the ugly side of humanity. Too often I hear, “the world’s gone mad”.

It hasn’t. It’s always been mad in a way but that’s OK – we’re all mad a little bit, in our own way.

But more importantly, there is tons of good happening all over the world, it just doesn’t have a good PR. Traditional media plays the emotions it knows to be working: exasperation, indignation, gossip. But blogs are different.

We connect on a deeper, more human level and we have the opportunity to bring other emotions into the world: respect, awe, inspiration, love.

Most of us do exactly that, sharing lives, thoughts, pieces of art proving that the human soul can and does shine. It’s the beauty of blogging for me.

I’d like to invite you to look at the bigger picture as well: positive examples of others either in your own locality or on the other side of the world, people, organisations that make our world better.

It can be a vet who treats street dogs. A man who cleans rainwater. An organisation that provides free legal protection.

Some great bloggers joined forces to create a monthly event to share stories like these the last Friday each month. The next event is coming this week and you are cordially invited as they say!

Check out Damyanti’s post on the details and sign up here.

Hope you’ll join. There are so many examples of good deeds all around us every day that needs the limelight. And what better medium than the wonderful blogging community?

‘We Are The World’ Blogfest: “In darkness, be the light”

Do you ever sit in front of your TV, newspaper, news site, feeling sad, angry, discouraged about the status of the world? You’re not alone. I don’t believe that it is the reality. There is so much good, inspiration and love out there, but unfortunately it doesn’t get enough stage time in media. The ‘We Are The World’ Blogfest wants to change that.

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Ideal is I to L

Hello my long-not-seen friends! “Wassup wassup” as my coach would say. “What’s the craic?” would be the phrase if we were in Belfast. “How you doin'” – if Joey wanted to hit on you. (It’s a good chance lol.) “How _are_ you?” is my go-to phrase after a hug. And I really would wait and listen to how are you – not always because I’m such a nice and friendly person (I can be) but sometimes because I don’t want to tell you  how I am.


I am incomplete. Imperfect. Irregular. Especially this week. I missed blogging, and the A to Z challenge so much but things piled up at work and had insanely long hours. I’m now tired as fuck and my plan for the long weekend of Easter is to sleep. And maybe do my Easter cards. (Better later than never, eh?)


But this week is about laughter and being laughed at so here’s a joke I made up. (Literally 5 minutes ago, just for this challenge 🙂 )

My cat and your cat walk into a cat bar.

“Gimme a big glass of 3.5% milk with whipped cream!” my cat says with defiance.

“Shit!” your cat says with open-mouthed admiration, and before she finishes her glass, that’s exactly what my cat does.


Knocking myself down

The original plan was to record a video of myself telling a joke but I don’t want to show up with hair undone, wearing no bra and my old glasses. But that’s what I do at the weekends at home, and after the week I had, I can’t be arsed to do more. (Not even for you 🙂 )

This also holds the message that the way I am in my natural form is not enough for others. Can’t be enough, is what I say to myself with hiding me. I guess deep down, before I reach that level of self-love that must be there, I believe I’m ridiculous. That’s why I am afraid to really put myself out there. That’s why I always hold back.

Links to laughter

Well that confession was a bit heavy but I’d like to finish this catch-up post on a lighter note. So here are some posts that made me laugh this morning reading the A to Z challenge:


Thank you all for being your lovely selves and here’s to a good, relaxing day even if it’s not a bank holiday where you are. Take it easy. Tomorrow I’ll be back with an interesting video that I’ve been wanting to make since I had the idea. See you then!


I have created this blog to keep me on track as I work on facing, overcoming my often irrational fears. I want to live life more freely, less restricted by my own imagination. For April’s A to Z challenge I am tackling one big fear each week: started with “Being Seen” and currently focusing on “Hurt by Laughter“.