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  1. Ideal is I to L


    14 April 2017 by Miss Andi

    Hello my long-not-seen friends! “Wassup wassup” as my coach would say. “What’s the craic?” would be the phrase if we …
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  2. 5 lessons I learned as I stumbled


    6 February 2017 by Miss Andi

    Today was a test. And I failed. But…

  3. Gratitude is created, not given


    31 January 2017 by Miss Andi

    I believed it for a very long time that positivity and optimism are character traits: you’re either born with them …
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Am I a butterfly?

I stand here with absolute honesty. After many blogs, it's a first. No hiding, no white lies. Me as ugly and beautiful as I am.

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Simple pleasure. Aka that's enough to be happy 💚 Haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd just remind myself how beautiful this place is 😍 #budapest #danube #cityview No creo que es una sorpresa que mucho me gustan mariposas 😉 I don't think it's a surprise how much I love butterflies! Este es mi mismo foto del verano pasado. No es perfecto pero el momento fue lo. This is my own pic (see the cute logo? Lol) and it's not a perfect shot but man, was the moment just so! 😍 #memorias #moments #verano #summer #butterfly #mariposa #photography #cityparks When you look up in Szabadka #cityphotography #architecture #birds #colours #roofs