Lazarus and others like him #WATWB

Today is that monthly event when we focus on only the good stuff in the world. We call it We Are The World Blogfest, or WATWB. Do check the other posts with the hashtag to absorb a little happiness. Advertisements

Blog Times by JCL brings the #WATWB cohost selection

It’s getting darker in the Northern hemisphere but there is a lot of light in people if you look around. This week’s blog selection is looking back at September’s “We are the world” blogfest to make you warm with these stories.

‘We Are The World’ Blogfest: “In darkness, be the light”

Do you ever sit in front of your TV, newspaper, news site, feeling sad, angry, discouraged about the status of the world? You’re not alone. I don’t believe that it is the reality. There is so much good, inspiration and love out there, but unfortunately it doesn’t get enough stage time in media. The ‘We…

Ideal is I to L

Hello my long-not-seen friends! “Wassup wassup” as my coach would say. “What’s the craic?” would be the phrase if we were in Belfast. “How you doin’” – if Joey wanted to hit on you. (It’s a good chance lol.) “How _are_ you?” is my go-to phrase after a hug. And I really would wait and…