The Courage List

I accept that fear comes from a place of caring and love. But still, I let it stop me do things – good, exciting, challenging, fun things that could help me grow. As motivation I have written down everything that I’ve been dreaming about but never got round to do because “What would people say”?

Of that long (200+) list, I have selected the ones that I want to do this year:

Personal growth
  1. Don’t hide my political views
  2. Ask work for financial support or additional paid days off to do my masters
  3. Say thank you in 10 different languages
  4. Read 103 books this year – talk about the book(s) I’m reading
  5. Collect and share an embarrassing story about me every day for a week
  6. Forgive my abuser
  7. Meditate every day for a week – at least 3 times weekly on average
  1. Interview people in a topic in person or over the phone, and compile it into a blog post
  2. Go and visit my dad’s family
  3. Go to meetups to get to know new people
  4. Go to a blues bar
  5. See a standup comedian
  6. See a Cirque de Soleil show
Give back
  1. Volunteer somewhere in person
  2. Leave kindness messages
  3. Visit a nursing home
  4. Talk to a homeless person
  5. Learn to be more frugal
  6. Give English classes for free to unemployed people
  1. Ask someone I don’t know very well to do their photo portrait
  2. Do a photo portrait of someone I know
  3. 12 poems in 12 months (see the progress here)
  4. Submit a poem to a literary magazine
  5. Record and share a video of me reading one of my poems
  6. Write a daily blog post for at least 30 days
  1. For 4 days a week get up hourly from my desk
  2. Go for a walk without the fear that people will judge me – for a week an hour every day
  3. Go for a jog/run without being afraid that people will laugh and point that a fat girl can’t run – go once a day for a week
  4. Go to work on bicycle
  5. Hike to a mountain top
  6. Hike 15 km
  7. Do planks 6 times one week (3 on average for all weeks)
  1. Dip-dye my hair pink or get pink highlights
  2. Get a manicure
  3. For a week share every meal I eat in a daily collage
  4. Go vegan for at least 30 days
  5. Go to multiple gigs with bicycle
  6. Go on a road trip in an RV
  7. Create passive income
  8. Start a business with my mom
  9. Sell old books and DVDs to the nearby book shop
  10. Clean the bathroom head to toe
  1. Post photos of me doing these challenges
  2. Post a photo a week of the everyday beauty I see around me (check them on Instagram)


Originally it wasn’t 52 but I added to it after reading a post on the lovely Marquessa’s blog about this idea to tackle one new thing every week for a year. I fell in love with the approach so I applied it to my Courage List. This gives it a structure that’s easy to follow up and doesn’t allow my otherwise world-famous procrastination drown it either.

I hereby invite you to join my accountability list (you can even sign up to follow the process in email on the right) because I will of course share the progress with you every week in the form of pensive or interesting stories. Maybe even both!

The road so far

Step by step, week by week I am facing my fear. Gently, lovingly, sometimes shakily but I show up. Here’s what’s happened:


I hope you’ll not only enjoy my experience but maybe even get encouraged to start your own journey. I believe it doesn’t matter what steps you choose, what shape they are – as long as you’re taking them.

Feel free to share in the comments and I’ll be happy to keep in touch.

Love, Andrea

Am I a butterfly?

I stand here with absolute honesty. After many blogs, it's a first. No hiding, no white lies. Me as ugly and beautiful as I am.

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