Photo of the week: Fisherman Bastion in Budapest 

Sometimes all it takes is to change your angle. 

The Fisherman Bastion is a famous landmark of Budapest. No surprise, it’s very pretty and located on the Castle Hill so it also provides great views. Flocks of visitors looking to enjoy its beauty fill it most of the time so it’s hard to get a quiet photo. 

As with many things in life it takes a little distance, an unbeaten path and curiosity. 

I’ve been living in Budapest for many (many!) years – but I never knew this side of the Bastion. We were on an outdoors photo shoot with the photo course and that was our location. While the focus was on the model, I couldn’t help relishing this particular vantage point especially with the moody atmosphere of the overcast day. It felt like another world that I was looking in from the outside – it wouldn’t have surprised me to see little winged creatures flying around! 

Thank you instagram folks for liking this picture, I’m glad it’s resonated with you – it might become my first 100 likes yet – a milestone in the making. 

Reader question: 

Are you on instagram? Feel free to share the link to your profile and I’ll go and visit. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. QP and Eye says:

    Beautifully captured and a moody photo too. Lovely.


  2. superwifeandmummy says:

    Very atmospheric 😊


  3. scr4pl80 says:

    Love this! The lighting is so cool!


  4. Lovely capture. You already visit me on instagram via @damyantig !


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