Photo of the week: Peacefulness

I can hear the quiet looking at this picture. Even with the memory of the incessant frog-choir, it was peaceful harmony. I felt me there.

The kind of peace we need more of #Tisza #Hungary #birdphotography #fishing #naturephotography

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In the city it’s the constant noise, movement, busying and nervous energy, but there, by that branch of the river that flows nowhere and mostly not at all, it was all gone.

It was all about that bird that might or might not fly, the breeze that might touch the water. The only thing that mattered was finding the moment and getting it on camera, there was nothing else.

The less we have, the more relaxed we can be, and that day our photo group had nothing else to think about but our camera. Therefore it felt like we had everything.

No surprise that photo resonated the most with my Instagram friends and you can all expect more shoots from that day. Every moment was perfect.

Reader question:

What are your perfect, peaceful moments?



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  1. Love the stillness.

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    1. Miss Andi says:

      It was interesting because it used to be part of the river but it was cut off during the regulations so became still ☺


  2. Marquessa says:

    Love your post. My peace is always found at the beach with absolutely nothing to do except to listen to the ocean.

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    1. Miss Andi says:

      Thank you Marquessa! I get you, I’m an ocean lover myself, I loved living near the sea, can’t wait to do so again ☺

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  3. scr4pl80 says:

    It does look very peaceful! Once we get our back yard straightened out, that will be my peaceful place!

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    1. Miss Andi says:

      That’s brill, because it’s always close, easy to get to! 👍

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  4. That’s stunning!


    1. Miss Andi says:

      Thank you Mary!


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