Your gumption and generosity

Today is not about Being Seen. It’s about Giving Back.

I have been resisting this idea for 2 days – it’s not what I decided, I would say. “This week is about stretching, it’s about me.” But where would I be without all of you? How could I be growing without your kindness watering my soul?

Thanks for the A to Z hosts

Without these bloggers we wouldn’t be here writing all these posts, enjoying the variety of the topics the A to Z challenge brings up every year. I love the energy and the intensity of April when I really give focus to blogging. Writing, reading, connecting, all aspects of it is loads of fun – I recon we should it quarterly 🙂

Thanks for the connections

The great thing about blogging is how randomly we can find people who just shine with their wit, talent and uniqueness. Here’s a couple of them I think you should visit:

I’m not only thankful for the fantastic pieces Kim writes about her exciting travels around the world (it’s more personal stories than classic travel blogging) but also for being one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have encountered. I consider myself lucky to have met her.

We met with Niki on another blog of mine and the way she connects with others is truly inspiring. Whenever we speak, no matter how much time passes, she always makes me feel welcome and like I’m talking to a friend. I also adore the graphics on her blog!

Jason, aka Opinionated Man was one of the first bloggers to visit and comment here. He gave me a boost with sharing his thoughts and I’m thankful he has found me.

You could say Geraint is another travel writer. And while his topic is indeed travel, he is able to take you with him on discovering various places in the world. I’m thankful for his talent and for being able to connect with such a nice guy. He is a true example of what you can become once you lose your fear and it’s so lovely to see it – it helps me believe I can do it too!

I don’t know many collaborative blogs. The Collage of Life by Mocktail Mommies is truly awesome though – they’ve a great style, bring a variety of topic and it’s been awesome to read and chat to them.

I’m so grateful for Janet’s presence. She is a gentle, kind soul who has a relaxing type of writing filled with creativity. She has inspired me to think outside of the box – she is making scrapbooks about the concerts she has gone to. I would have never thought of it even though I love making things (mostly cards though) and love music too (though not been going much this past year).

I’m so happy I have found Anjali (or did she find me?). She has a great collection on her blog that always surprises and enchants you when reading it. It can be beaches or India or guitars, it’s equally interesting. And her comments always warm my heart. Thank you for being you Anjali!

Thank you my friends

I don’t know if I were here going out to the word more boldly than I ever imagined without these people. It would certainly be a lot less fun!

I am grateful for you showing up every day Esther. You always have a kind word after reading my posts and I do have the impression you read every one of them. It’s wonderful to have a friend like you in my life. You burn with the kind of flame that lights up the world for the people who know you.

Jodi, we have never met and yet you’re always there for me. I don’t know how I deserved it but I feel lucky to have your support.

Your gorgeous soul is like a big embrace Claudi. You radiate love, acceptance and safety and the way you live your life, the way you’re there for your friends and family inspires me every day.

Thank you soul

I want to honour the gumption, the courage, the openness and gentleness of my own soul, too. I know we usually don’t do that (I certainly don’t) but I am amazed at how wonderful she shines when I let her. How brilliant ideas she has. How far she can go following those ideas. How much love she has for me and for life.  How unbelievable it feels that me and her are the same person!

Thank you all

I know have chosen a precious few to mention today. But I’d like you all know that having you here matters to me. I’m grateful for you taking the time to spend on me. (I know how precious time is.) I’m grateful to all of you who have ever commented, liked, followed. To all who entertain with their talented writing in the A to Z challenge. All of the friends who I haven’t talked about yet. All of the family who I have reconnected with. All of the The Inner Game’s folks who inspire me every day. Thinking about it I feel like another thank you post brewing here 🙂 Maybe next week!

Thank you all for being your gorgeous, unique, generous selves sharing your awesome with the world.


Author: Miss Andi

Learning to be unapologetically me but healthier. Shamelessly personifying my dog, Mia, who is my soulmate, though doesn't let me read as much as I used to. One day I'll finish a novel that will not save the world - but might make it smile.

16 thoughts on “Your gumption and generosity”

  1. Aww thanks, Andi! That’s so very kind of you. It’s been lovely getting to know you & following your journey. I look forward to many more chats and the opportunity to get to know each other better 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Far too kind, Andrea.
    I am humbled by your opinion of me and I thank you for stopping by my little blog. I have fears too, but travel was never one of them. I have no doubt, you’ll see the world.


  3. You’re so very kind to mention me. I don’t really do anything but encourage you to see yourself for who really are and know that we all have the same fears. Look at what you’ve done in your life! You’re braver than you give yourself credit for. If we ever have the chance to meet I’ll be meeting the secure, confident person you’re becoming! 💞


  4. Thanks so much for your sweet words, Miss Andi! I am very happy you are enjoying my posts and comments. I am enjoying reading your journey to self-discovery as well. You are very brave for putting it all out there! Here’s to a great rest of the A to Z!


  5. Andi, I can’t thank you enough for mentioning me and my blog in your post. It was quite unexpected. I am overwhelmed, thank you so much. I love how you write and will stay in touch even after the challenge is over.
    I also plan to visit the other lovely blogs you’ve named. Thank you, one again.



  6. That’s so sweet of you Andi. We really love reading your blog as you pen down your thoughts with such ease. It almost feels like we are sitting across a table and chatting up. You have taught us to believe in ourselves and face life with the broadest smile. Looking forward to reading more from you!!! Wish you luck!!!!


  7. Beautiful tributes of gratitude and thankfulness. It is touching to read how humbly you have drawn from these bloggers yet seek to give back. I love your spirit Miss Andi.


  8. Aww, how lovely! I live in a very old cottage (400 years) in a very small village in the UK, and cannot drive for medical reasons, and write poetry most of the time – I’ve been lucky and am published, but have found a world of support (writing can be very lonely!) from writing friends on the net. My Facebook friends now include many poets and writers and it has made my life so much richer – and as I am a children’s poet mainly and most of my friends are children’s poets, i can tell you they are very, very good natured, kind, nurturing and great fun. Here’s to writing support and lovely writers everywhere!

    J is for Dame Jane Goodall #AtoZ Challenge


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