We make plans but then magic happens

And I sorta prefer it that way.

After a successful Monday I announced that the plan this week was planking every day.

It went well. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday started with an exercise including planking. (At least my version of it 🙂 ) Then Saturday came, the routine was disrupted and I forgot about planking. (I think even a judge and jury would accept the weekend excuse.) So there it went, 7 days of planking stopped after 5. (Damn, so close!)

Luckily, I accidentally accomplished two more items this week…

Lunch with colleagues

Image result for lunch break at workI believe for most of you this would pose no challenge but an everyday social situation. A natural occurrence. For me, not so much. I usually avoid the lunchtime “rush hour” in the kitchen or if I accidentally stumble upon on it, I turn on my heels immediately.

Not sure what happened this time, maybe it helped that it was a smaller group, only 3 people, maybe thanks to the past few weeks I feel more confident or maybe it was temporary insanity – either way, I asked if I could join, and guess what, they agreed.

Surprisingly, it was less uncomfortable than I expected. In fact, it was hardly awkward at all. Maybe a proof that our fears are bigger in our imagination than in reality.

Walking home from English class

Image result for walk clipartSaturday mornings I teach English privately not far from home. I’d usually take the bus for the 3 stops but this Saturday had lovely weather (for February winter at least) with that wee spice of spring smell that makes even your lazy woman want to do some exercise. And so I did. I walked all that 1.5 km home. (And if you frown because it’s such a short distance, let me remind you that my starting point was probably at minus one zillion.)

Again, not planned, but task fulfilled. ✓

All in all, it was a good week. How was yours? 🙂

Main picture from binarynote.

Author: Miss Andi

My soul breathes music and exhales words.

2 thoughts on “We make plans but then magic happens”

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